first-post.pngWed, May 17, 2017

SEATTLE — Eden Mack, a parent activist and a leader in the Seattle Council of Parent, Teacher, and Students Association (SCPTSA), announced today that she is running for Seattle Public School Board Director in District IV.  Mack is a Seattle native and public school graduate. 

 “I’ve spent the last 3 years engaging deeply in advocacy for public education and am excited by the opportunity to serve on the school board to help guide policy to ensure that every one of our 53,000 students reach their full potential.  The schools of our diverse district have great successes to celebrate due to our supportive students, families, and communities, committed administrators, skilled educators, and dedicated support professionals, in spite of the substantial challenges posed by chronic underfunding from Olympia, crowded and run-down buildings, and racial and economic inequity.  Our schools are the center of our neighborhoods, communities and democracy.  I’m committed to advocating for every student and furthering equity for all of our schools’ needs in school board policy decisions.”  

 Eden Mack is a recognized leader on public education issues in Seattle and in Washington State. Mack has served for the past three years as Legislative Chair of SCPTSA. In 2015 she co-founded and served as founding President of Washington's Paramount Duty, a grassroots organization dedicated to pressuring the State to amply fund basic education as required by our state’s constitution. Mack was recognized as a "Superhero" by ParentMap in 2016 for her education advocacy.

 “Working with Eden on Seattle Council PTSA, I know that she is passionate and a strong advocate for outcomes for every student,” said Sebrena Burr, an endorser of Mack’s and a community and education advocate. "She is knowledgeable about district policy and history as well as state policies that effect local education efforts.  She has strong established relationships with district leadership, and because of all of this she will be able to hit the ground running on day one.”  

“Eden Mack is excellent at identifying policy and leadership needs, gathering up all the facts, listening to what community members have to say, and creating solutions to move forward. She’s employed these skills and actions to fight for ample state funding for Washington’s public schools, delay the levy cliff and narrow SPS’s budget shortfall, advocate for reasonable bell times for Seattle students, and highlight the need for nurses in schools,” said Summer Stinson, an endorser of Mack’s and a parent advocate for Washington’s public schools.

 Eden Mack lives in District IV with her husband and their three elementary aged children who all attend Seattle Public Schools. Mack is a returned Peace Corps volunteer, and holds a BA from Western Washington University and a Masters in Public Administration degree from the University of Washington's Evans School of Public Policy.  She has also served as the Youth, Schools and Education Committee chair for Seattle City Neighborhood Council and recently on the Seattle Public School Capacity Management Task Force.