Our schools are the center of our neighborhoods, communities, and democracy.

I’m committed to advocating for every student and furthering equity for all of our schools’ needs in school board policy decisions. There are many critical issues that need to be addressed in Seattle Public Schools. As a school board member, I will advocate for policies that:

Provide every child with the support, resources and materials they need. 

Every school needs skilled educators, inspiring principal leadership, reasonable class sizes, nurses, counselors, crossing guards, playground supervision, healthy learning environments and so on. Some students and learning communities need even more services and resources to support diverse needs and to address instances of disadvantages that contribute to the opportunity gap.

improve seattle schools

Keep up with Seattle's Growth

Improve Urban planning for our schools: 
Our City is growing and we are not keeping pace with our facility needs. We need increased, deliberate and transparent planning for schools in collaboration with the City’s urban planning efforts and our diverse communities.


Attract and retain skilled and qualified educators, support personnel and administrators

Hire good teachers

Education isn’t just about democracy, it is about our humanity and culture. We need to focus on policies that retain skilled and culturally responsive educators and be careful not to reduce children, schools and educators to test scores while still building on our successful strategies that help students succeed.



Grow successful and effective programs and services that work for kids.

We have many amazing programs that often get truncated by the “sophie’s choices” forced by the state’s underfunding.

equity in seattle schools

We need to renew our commitment to supporting schools, programs and services that work for students with diverse learning needs and those that increase equity.