What Seattle Says about Eden Mack:

“Working with Eden on Seattle Council PTSA, I know that she is passionate and a strong advocate for outcomes for every student. She is knowledgeable about district policy and history as well as state policies that effect local education efforts. She has strong established relationships with district leadership, and because of all of this she will be able to hit the ground running on day one.” 

- Sebrena Burr, community and education advocate

“Eden understands the complexity and role of a school board director, listens well to all stakeholders, and sees the big picture of what is needed in the school district. As a parent of students in our district, she also has the ground-level knowledge of many of the challenges we face. Eden will be an excellent director who will look at issues from all sides, focus on the essential needs of every student, and give extra attention to the crucial importance of closing opportunity gaps in our systems.”

- Lyon Terry, 2015 WA State Teacher of the Year

“Eden Mack is excellent at identifying policy and leadership needs, gathering up all the facts, listening to what community members have to say, and creating solutions to move forward. She’s employed these skills and actions to fight for ample state funding for Washington’s public schools, delay the levy cliff and narrow SPS’s budget shortfall, advocate for reasonable bell times for Seattle students, and highlight the need for nurses in schools.”

- Summer Stinson, parent advocate for Washington’s public schools 

“I am so very grateful to Eden Mack for making the huge commitment to run for Seattle School Board Director. Her deep knowledge of the district and long history of advocating for our kids is exactly what we need.”

- Melissa Taylor, parent

“Eden has all the qualifications and capabilities to help lead the district into the right direction and help all students succeed. She's absolutely the right candidate.”

- Heidi Bennet, public education advocate

“She gets the research done to understand issues from all sides, creates understanding among stakeholders, and shepherds an action plan to make changes happen.”

- Catherine Weatbrook, neighborhood advocate

“Through my work with Eden I have come to know her as an objective listener. While we may not always agree I know she gives my comments careful thought and consideration.”

 - Rita Green, education advocate and Rainier Beach High School Alumnus

"Eden Mack is tireless in advocating for our kids. She has deep knowledge across a huge range of issues and is more than happy to get into the weeds to find the details that can really matter. On the Board, Eden will be an incredible asset for our kids and future generations."  

- John Freeman, Washington's Paramount Duty

"Eden will be an incredible addition to our Seattle School Board with in-depth knowledge of the state formulas that help fund Seattle schools and which basic education costs the state does not adequately fund.”  

- State Representative Gerry Pollet

"I have worked with Eden Mack for 3+ years in various capacities and am infinitely impressed by her strategic problem-solving skills, her tireless advocacy for all children of Seattle, her unending quest to understand and improve complex systems, her team- and relationship- building capabilities, and her thorough knowledge of all things SPS.  I endorse Eden Mack wholeheartedly, without reservation."  

- Hillary Shaw, public education advocate